Denise Bowen

Denise has worked in a number of national accountancy firms, as well as a period of working for two IFA companies in a role as tax advisor for large investment clients. So she brings a broader range of experience to this role than your average tax manager, both in personal and corporate tax. She enjoys building relationships with clients, which she believes is the key to helping manage their tax affairs properly.

She is also IT savvy, with a history of being the go to person when dealing with day-to-day computer issues in the office, although she strenuously tries to avoid this if she can.

Outside of work Denise is very active, spending most weekends mountain biking, rain or shine, although she’d be the first to admit she isn’t confident enough to do the serious downhill stuff. In the winter she’s an avid skier and just wishes that those damn Alps were a bit closer, so she could ski every weekend. In her quieter moments she loves books and her Kindle is her constant companion.